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Surf Lessons


Surf In Spanish For Kids!

This summer why not learn how to surf and improve your spanish at the same time? At the Surf In Spanish surf school, you can do both! Choose between the 2 hour introductory class that teaches you the very basics of surfing, and the 5 day course designed to help you progress and start you on your path to become a real surfer.

Reserve your session with an english speaking surf instructor in a safe and healthy environment and meet other likeminded young surfers like you!

Pack 1:

Introduction to Surfing

-2 hours


-Includes board, instructor and insurance

For young people  between 5 and 16 years old


Pack 2

Learn to Surf

-5 X 2 hours


-Includes board, insructor and insurance

For young people between 5 and 16 years old